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The Distance of a Smiling Face



by 傘豚

WARNING for a few bloody panels

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by Macochi2

T/N: This was difficult to translate as clearly into English, but in the very last panel, the joke is that Shoot doesn’t specify the subject of the sentence, as Japanese can do while still being grammatically correct, leaving it ambiguous (to Knuckle, at least) on whether he’s referring to Toritaten or…someone else. ¬)

Artist: haru tori tsugumi (CV. sen kan haru kaori ) , tata oto meme (CV. yuu ki heki ) , aanya . hepubaan (CV. hayami saori )
Album: yuugure happiigoo
Song: Yuugure Happy Go
Plays: 32

From the ED of the anime Soul Eater NOT!

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大きく手を振って「またね」 新しい日に逢おう
With a big wave and a “see you later,” let’s meet again on a new day.

舗道に伸びた影 ついて 離れて ついて
Our shadows stretch along the pavement, coming together, then apart, then together,
What do I say when the road home ends?

ひとりじゃない そう、近くで 見つめ合う瞳がある
You are not alone. That’s right, right nearby there are eyes looking back at you.
And just like a miracle, they can turn even failures into laughter.

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by kaishin